Baby Doll Spring Dresses!

Its April and all I can think about are all the flowers blooming, allergy season approaching and cute Spring Time Dresses!

As I was browsing the net the other night, I stumbled upon a new Designer from Ukraine. I have to say, it was Love at first sight! I fell in love with her entire collection and the way she did her Spring time shoot! So naturally I had to share my discovery with you all!

Check out her gorgeous baby-doll dress collection!



10984287_737263123055096_3760337590351413775_n 10865908_737263149721760_6089757405712566844_o

10683418_737262966388445_4485954463160623687_o 10995403_737262936388448_6292181514375456640_o

10960240_737262959721779_7314929069466390828_o 10960451_737262979721777_6967257183694165198_o

10916378_737262649721810_6646461912982820159_o 10856477_737262663055142_4755390831124997270_o

10887446_737262683055140_1691320245455564972_o 10984513_737262613055147_5860159415238304121_o

10339299_600828640031879_4169816335930810667_o 10444546_600828200031923_5275811371271950774_n

10338747_600828036698606_7636220832297234856_n 10006633_600828033365273_4875901212656486772_n 1527088_600828770031866_4715238966232561890_n

1617843_737262719721803_1875855707409961904_o 10984525_737262699721805_5255522172020006038_o


I hope you ladies enjoyed viewing this collection as much as I have! I will continue to find you more fun Spring Fashion Inspirations! 😉

XoXo -Mitasha


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